Disorder 25 Serves By Faction Labs

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An absolute industry benchmark, Faction Labs DISORDER is for those looking for a high stimulant, high energy, pump and focus pre-workout to take their training to the next level!

This high powdered pre workout is perfect for those who like to take their energy levels to the absolute limits delivering unrivalled power, focus and out of this world flavours making it one of our most popular high strength formulas.

Disorder Features:

100% Open Label

Caffeine 500mg Double Scoop - high dose of caffeine for longer lasting energy

L-Citrulline Malate - Proven to support nitric oxide production and help give you a MASSIVE pump

Beta Alanine 3200mg - Shown to support muscle carnosine synthesis and reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles during exercise

Faction Labs clinically dosed pre-workout DISORDER delivers razor sharp focus, improved endurance, increased strength and insane pumps. With 12 grams of active ingredients, Disorder has everything you need to destroy your next training session!

6 Unbelievable Tasting Flavours To Choose from: Red Russian/Red Raspberry 🔴 Green Haze/Passionfruit 🟡 Blue Pearl/Candy Bomb 🍭 Purple Reign/Watermelon 🍉 Black Fire/Juicy Grape 🍇 White Snow/Vanilla Cola 🥤

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