Your body is capable of doing only two things with the calorie energy that it absorbs; it must either burn it or store it.

When we eat food the calories that are in it can never disappear or be destroyed, they can only change form. In their food form calories are stored as chemical energy in the bonds of the food molecules. When we eat them, calories do not disappear but rather are eventually transformed, or “burned,” into the different types of energy that your body utilizes or produces each day, like heat energy, electrical energy, sound energy, and kinetic(movement) energy, OR, if they aren’t burned, they are stored again as more chemical energy.

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If you’ve been around the health and fitness industry long enough, you’ll hear some absolute bollocks coming out of some peoples mouths. I suppose you could call this one more of a rant more than anything, we just wanted to bring to light some of the more stupid things we’ve heard of this year.

As far as weight loss goes – there is barley any logic to this. Coffee is great...Butter is also great.

Why would you mix them together?! Now to be fair, there isn’t actually anything wrong with mixing the two but in regards to weight loss you are taking in liquid calories that you could be eating to increase satiety.

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