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Nexus Sports Nutrition bring us the latest addition to their ever growing, incredibly popular supplements family, AMP3D! If your looking for a non-stimulant pre workout formula providing you with mind blowing pumps, mental focus and performance, Nexus has provided the solution.

Optimised to give you optimal blood flow and stimulation, as well as cognitive function to increase mind to muscle connection to ensure you are focusing on the targeted muscle and getting the most out of your training.

  • Explosive Pumps
  • Minimise Fatigue
  • Maximising Vasodilation And Nutrient Delivery
  • Increased Focus And Concentration
  • Can Be Added To Your PER4M For A Fully Loaded Pre-Workout

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline DL-malate is Citrulline with a malic acid component added to it. The combination of Citrulline and malic acid has been shown to promote better absorption and increased bioavailability. L-Citrulline can help improve overall health and performance, as well as increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles it allows you to work out harder and longer, making the most of your time in the gym.

Taurine: Taurine has been shown to contain properties that assist in the regulation of muscular contraction and force during strength and aerobic activity. In particular, Taurine acts to increase muscle force production and enhance fatigue resistance from severe high intensity exercise by increasing the efficiency of the heart (stroke volume) and maintaining cell volume (osmoregulation).

GlycerSize: GlycerSize is an advanced form of glycerol that delivers more glycerol per gram than the conventional glycerol. GlycerSize transforms your cell's into ultra absorbent sponges and encourages them to soak up extra water and nutrients thereby improving endurance, performance, muscle fullness, vascularity and PUMPS!

Beta Alanine: Beta Alanine enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue. It also has antioxidant, immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties.

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine has been shown to effectively improve cognition in the presence of an acute stressor, typically high intensity exercise such as bodybuilding or crossfit. In particular, L-Tyrosine can acutely increase the production of noradrenaline and dopamine contributing to an increase in attention and cognitive performance.

Available in: 🍭 Jawbreaker 🧨 Nerd Xplosion

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