Per4m by Nexus Sports Nutrition

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Per4m by Nexus Sports Nutrition

Per4m by Nexus Sports Nutrition is a pre-workout powerhouse that packs 50 servings in each tub. Per4m has been strategically designed for you to do just that - perform. Each hardcore serving size has over 400mg of Caffeine to fire you up and have you ready to crush your next workout. Nexus has not stopped with the Caffeine though, with the addition of English Walnut & Bitter Orange Extract, the energy you will experience on Per4m is unrivaled.

Don't let the stimulants distract you though, Nexus has also included a full clinical dosage of L-Citrulline for dense muscle pumps.

Key Features

  • 25/50 Serving Size Depending On Tolerance
  • 400mg Of Caffeine
  • Amazing Flavours
  • Hard-Hitting Energy

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